The School of Web Design & New Media prepares students for cutting-edge careers in experiential design and digital media. We teach an integrated approach to New Media that is based on four key fundamentals: Design Thinking, Visual Communication, Technology, and User Experience. Web Design & New Media graduates are strategic thinkers, producers, and creative technologists poised to lead innovation on a global level.

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    ARC Tutoring Labs


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    Ask Andie!

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    All Midpoint/Final Thesis questions today! Questions answered in this video:
    - Why do we submit a DVD if we submit a digital copy already?
    - Can you please help clarify how much coding need to do for final project?
    - What does the midpoint guideline "Link to PDF Portfolio" mean?

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    What I Did Over Winter Intercession, or My Week at Labs

    What I did over winter intercession

    Between semesters, in addition to all the housekeeping that keeps our department running, some full-time faculty enjoy building projects to explore new tools and enhance the student learning experience in the coming semester. One such project of mine reached its culmination during Demo Night 15 (January 22nd, 2015) at Labs. is a JavaScript platform with the potential to become a core technology in WNM student projects. With its own 2D and 3D rendering library and physics engine, abandons the HTML5 approach and instead renders everything via JS as sibling elements, directly on the DOM.

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