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    Facebook for their Ask Me Anything (AMA) next Wednesday, March 9

    Join Facebook for their Ask Me Anything (AMA) next Wednesday, March 9 at 3 PM (PST). A Facebook designer will be answering all your questions like:

    What problems are you solving as a Facebook designer?
    What advice do you have for college students looking for professional experience?
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    Facebook Ask Me Anything

    WNM Instructor Hamilton Cline Art Show

    Our very own Hamilton Cline will be having his art work displayed in the AAU Gallery @ 435 Jefferson Gallery.  Check it out if you get a chance!


    Artist Reception December 3rd, 5:30-7:30pm



    If you’ve ever seen someone sketching people on a San Francisco bus or streetcar, it may well have been Hamilton Cline, and you may well have been immortalized in art. Portrait Quarterly is a collection of his latest and favorite works, selected from the pages of his book of the same name. He likes to work digitally on a Samsung Note 3, and wants to say “if you see someone drawing on the train in your city, it’s probably ok to say hi. I guess I can’t speak for everyone, but I would love to have a conversation with you, if I’m not too busy.” Yet another reason for embracing public transportation!

    Paint the Town

    Paint the Town

    Googles Paint the Town Project

    Join Google in their Paint the Town project.

    From Google,

    "Help transform our self-driving cars into moving pieces of public art!

    As our prototype vehicles start to cruise the streets of Mountain View, California, we want you to make these cars your own. We’re inviting artists in California to submit art to be featured on our self-driving prototype vehicles for a month or more later this year. Imagine spotting your art on one of the world’s first self-driving cars!"

    Find out more at Paint the Town

    Summer Workshops & Resources!


    Workshops for on campus and online students will begin next week!

    Taking advantage of workshops, and all the resources available, will give WNM students a boost towards academic success! Let’s take a look at all the options:

    In­-class help. Instructors, and even fellow students, are available for clarification and feedback. Your first “go to” for guidance!

    Arc Resource Center. Tutoring workshops, one on one tutoring, online academic coaches, ESL support, time management and more are offered through ARC. Even WNM­-specific labs! Drop in, call, text, or email to get help! Drop in: 79 New Montgomery, 3rd floor, 8:30am to 6pm Call: 415-­618­-3917 Text: 415­895­0272 Email: Website: OR

    AAU Library. Want to know the proper way to credit an image? Need more information on how to code? Doing user experience research? A first stop might be the AAU Library website or drop in. You can also access huge databases like our Image Search and Mintel.

    Drop In: 180 New Montgomery, 6th floor, 8am to 8pm Mon­Thur, 8am to 6pm Fri/Sat

    Call: 415-­618­-3842


    WNM Workshops. WNM offers both on campus and online workshops every semester where students can work with an experienced instructor to get even more feedback or help with homework. This workshop list is regularly posted on Facebook and the AAU WNM Blog. Please see the image attached for all the details for this semester!
    Blog Resources:­resources.html

    One-on-One appointments. Students can request one-­on-­one appointments by emailing the department, and they will be paired with full time faculty or a director for academic guidance.
    Call: 415-­618-­3822

    Have a successful semester!

    School of Web Design & New Media

    WNM Grad turns internship into Dream Job at Optimizely (An interview with WNM Graduate Alumna Neha Saigal)


    What does it take to turn an internship into a dream job? Recent AAU graduate Neha Saigal (MFA, Fall 2015) knows. This tenacious School of Web Design & New Media star combined a cutting-edge portfolio, research, and a customized communications approach into a recipe for success.

    Neha started full-time at San Francisco tech start-up Optimizely in January. Last Fall, I sat down with Neha and quizzed her on her choices, challenges, and advice for students. The result is a lesson in the right way to kick off a career.

    Original interview, September 17, 2014 with Neha Saigal by Ryan Medeiros.


    Q: Why Opitmizely?

    A:  Optimizely is in a really interesting space. “A/B” user testing analytics is very cutting-edge, and technical. It's really challenging as a designer.

    I also like the size. It's a mid-sized start-up -- when you work at a company that size, your chances to grow are much higher.

    And Optimizely was rated one of the best first jobs in San Francisco, according to an article I found. I think it was the Huffington Post or SFGate.


    Q: How many people now work at Optimizely?

    A: At the beginning of 2014 there were 200, now there're 275.


    Q: Wow, growing fast!

    A: Yeah! And they actually just got $57 million in second-round funding -- so they're doing well.


    Q: Impressive. What's the story of behind you getting the internship?

    A: Actually, I did my first internship back in summer 2013 with a company called CloudOn in Palo Alto. I got it purely through a lot of online applications. I applied to like 40 places and I got the internship.

    At CloudOn I developed a really good rapport with the lead designer there, Christian Crumlish. He's written a lot of books, and he is friends with Jared Spool -- so he's really well known in the industry. He has a lot of connections.


    Q: That connection lead to the internship at Optimizely?

    A: I kind of stayed in touch with him [ Christian ]. And earlier this year when I was looking, I emailed him, and I was like "I'm looking for jobs, internships, whatever - I'm graduating at the end of the year."

    So Christian got in touch with this engineer at Optimizely, who he didn't know, but he just connected me with him. The engineer connected me to the technical recruiter, and then I went through the normal interview process.

    But I got in through a referral. It's always better to do that. It was my first internship that got me my second internship, and now my job.


    Q: So, going in to the internship, were there things in particular you were hoping to learn? Skills you wanted to master?

    A: I would say that, if I talk about my internship from last summer, that was my first real industry experience. I needed quite a bit of hand-holding. I had been at school and done projects, but it's different in the real world. The pace is so much faster.  It’s shocking how little time you have to deliver sometimes. So, I got a lot of mentorship in my first internship.

    At Optimizely the company culture is very much based on ownership. You can kind of drive your own projects. I worked on two teams over the summer, working on the analytics. I started doing coding in the beginning, but eventually I decided to stick with product design. In the long run, when I'm working there full-time, that's what I'll be doing -- and I'm going to try to get more into prototyping.


    Q: Tell us more about your role as a “Product Designer"

    A: The role that I was hired for, in January, is as a product designer. Which is basically a hybrid role. At Optimizely they have a UX research team, but my role now is product design. It’s an engineering heavy environment. This is great because I didn't know that this role was what I was actually looking for.

    Last year I worked as a user experience designer and research intern -- and you don't really see the product end-to-end. But as a product designer, you do everything. You work with the researcher, you observe, you talk to people within the company, and you do the interaction design all the way to the final.

    We have a design critique every week and say, "Hey, this is what I'm doing." I was working with people who had really different skill-sets, which was really, really awesome.


    Q: And who was your manager, again, or your supervisor?

    A: Tommy Giglio, he's the design manager.


    Q: What was your greatest challenge?

    A: I think, in the beginning, I had to learn to understand the product. It's a very technical. It took me a few weeks. Another challenge was working in analytics. I was on the stats side of the product. It took some time to understand that really well so that I could communicate it.


    Q: ...and In a short period of time.

    A: Yeah. Projects moved really, really quickly. The workflow is Agile -- so every two weeks it's a sprint. At the beginning of every two weeks you have X number of tasks that you have to finish by the end of those two weeks.


    Q: What was the interview process like?

    A: I had three interviews, the first one was with the technical recruiter, which was a phone screen. Followed by the second one with my manager, which was a 30-minute general interview. The third one was on-site, which was six hours long!

    I presented three portfolios. One was my Thesis, and then the work I did at my previous internship, and finally this other app I made in my Mobile Web Tech class with Andrea [ Pimentel, Assoc. Director WNM ]. All that was followed by four other interviews, and an on-the-spot app building brainstorm session.


    Q: Wow! Did anything from school translate into helping you with the interview?

    A: Midpoint presentation made me really good at presenting stuff, that's for sure.

    And obviously, the portfolio. But I think the Thesis process is a great -- more than any other project. In the Thesis you work on every aspect of a product, and, if you do a good job, and you're actually doing everything, it's a really good reference point.

    I've done all this research, and it really shows. That is what they [ Optimizely ] actually liked about my project. It showed a hybrid skill-set, because it was research and visual design -- and that's what my role is going to be.


    Q: Okay, last question. Do you have any advice for students who are looking for an internship?

    A: There's a lot of good sites for interviews. Simply Hired and InternMatch are good. But actually, when I was looking, I also just emailed some start-ups saying, "Hey, I really like what you're doing."

    And then there’s LinkedIn, of course, and Interaction Design Association, AIGA, they all have job postings.

    Maybe, writing cover letters -- which are so annoying!

    But it's really good to be able to write something specific about each company in a cover letter. Otherwise it looks generic, like you just changed the name and sent it.

    I liked the portfolio presentation. I know not every interview has that, but depending on the role that you're looking for, you can often find the interview questions online.

    Know your strengths, your weaknesses, what your process is. That comes up in every interview I've done. They always ask, "What’s your design process?" That's something you really need to have down pat, and be able to talk about. So I think, just preparing. It's like the Midpoint presentation, you prepare enough and you're not nervous anymore.


    Q: Well, thank you very much. This is really good insight. We really appreciate this and we congratulate you on your success in your new job.

    A: Thank you.


    Update: Neha is now working a Optimizely full-time and is fitting in great. I’m so proud of her and wish her the best of luck in her career. For a video of Neha’s final Thesis presentation and other presenters checkout the Academy of Art University’s Guest Speaker website ( and choose “Web Design & New Media” from the “SCHOOLS” menu.


    -- Ryan Medeiros

    ( Director, School of Web Design & New Media)

    Online Students: Summer Expo 2015 is coming!

    It's never too early to plan for Summer Expo. This year's Summer Expo will be held from June 20 to June 28. You should seriously think about visiting the school to enrich your experience as an Academy of Art University student.


    You can meet your instructors in person, network and meet your classmates from not only from School of Web Design & New Media but from other departments as well.

    Your Directors and Faculty will be providing demonstrations and will be available to help you with any challenges you are facing in your course work.

    Come and enjoy San Francisco!  While most of the country is baking in the Summer heat.  The city is warm in the days and cool at night. Layering is key to enjoying a few days in San Francisco. We're excited to see you in June!

    Here's a link with more information.