The School of Web Design & New Media prepares students for cutting-edge careers in experiential design and digital media. We teach an integrated approach to New Media that is based on four key fundamentals: Design Thinking, Visual Communication, Technology, and User Experience. Web Design & New Media graduates are strategic thinkers, producers, and creative technologists poised to lead innovation on a global level.

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As an higher learning institution, we expect our students to act with professionalism, courtesy, and integrity in all aspects of behavior.


Student Code of Conduct

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Academic Freedom & Academic Responsibility


AAU Attendance Policy (School-wide)

Class attendance is required. Each course requires that the student be present at, and participate in every class session. Failure to attend classes, tardy arrivals and early departures will be reflected in final grades as follows:

  • Four late arrivals may drop the final grade by one letter grade (“B” to “C”, “C” to “D”...)
  • Three unexcused absences may result in a final grade of “F”.
  • Three consecutive absences may result in a final grade of “F” or being dropped from the class.

AAU Late Assignment Policy Assignments and projects have deadlines to which students must adhere. Failure to submit an assignment or complete a project on time may be reflected in the grade for that assignment/project.


Excused Absences (School-wide)

Excused absences are at the discretion of the instructor. Absences are excused on the following grounds only: illness, injury or other medical necessity accompanied by a doctor’s note; death in the student’s family.

There is no substitution for information or demonstrations missed due to an absence. Students who miss a project deadline, presentation or exam due to an excused or unexcused absence will be penalized according to the individual instructor’s grading policy.

On-campus courses: An excused absence and the acceptance of late work are determined by the instructor. For information on excused absences, please ask your instructor. They will give you the details.

Online courses: An excused absence must be approved by the instructor and communicated to the Cyber Campus Department in a timely fashion. For information on excused absences, please ask your instructor. They will give you the details.


  • An excused absence does not alter the deadline for assignments or projects.
  • Personal computer or Internet connection related problems do not qualify as an excused absence. Regardless of technical difficulties, it is the student’s responsibility to find alternate computer access to participate in the discussions and complete quizzes and assignments on time.

Make-Up Work (School-wide)

Students should discuss make-up work with their instructor.


Academic Ethics and Use Policy

WNM Academic Ethics and Use Policy PDF


Student & Academic Policies

Student and Academic Policies PDF


Drug & Alcohol Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy PDF