Zoom Resources and Best Practices for Academy Faculty and Staff


Zoom is a live meeting tool available to all Academy faculty and staff. The information and tutorials on this page are customized to provide support for our instructors to create an engaging student experience in Zoom.

Recommended Best Practices

Using your new Zoom platform to communicate with your students can be a lot to take in. Our Online Office team is here to help make that transition easier! Using Zoom video gets you face-to-face with your students, which adds a high level of engagement opportunities for you as a host. Lighting should be bright and preferably come from in front of you (to avoid casting shadows on your face). Avoid distracting backgrounds and close any applications/programs you might have open on your computer. This will help keep your Zoom connection clear, to enhance a smooth class session. Below are some helpful links for your use. 

For additional tutorials, visit our Tutorials tab by clicking here.


Spotlighting a video in Zoom

Click here for PDF tutorial on how to spotlight a video during a Zoom session.

Host Controls in your Zoom Room

Click here for a video tutorial walking you through the most important icons to utilize and keep an eye on in your Zoom meetings/reviews.


Participants in Gallery View

Click here for a PDF tutorial on how to put your Zoom screen to show participants in Gallery View.


Recording to the Cloud in Zoom

Click here for a video tutorial on how to record in your Zoom room.

Click here for a PDF on how to record in Zoom and access those recordings.

Click here for a video tutorial on how to access and share your Zoom recordings.


Security Icon

Click here for PDF tutorial how to navigate through your security icon in Zoom.



Deleting Zoom Cloud Recordings

Click here for PDF walk through on how to delete Zoom cloud recordings.

Click here for a step-by-step PDF tutorial on how to download, archive, and share your Zoom recordings.


*Onsite classes are currently being held virtually in Zoom. All onsite instructors are required to schedule their class meetings in Zoom and post the Zoom links for students in the LMS class discussion. If you are an onsite instructor, please review the scheduling and setup instruction. If you have any technical questions, you can email us for support at


To set up your new Zoom account, please visit and click Sign in. You will then be prompted to enter your Academy credentials (same login as Microsoft 365/Outlook*) to proceed.

If you already have a Zoom account with your Academy email, account information will remain the same; however, you will now be prompted to enter your Microsoft 365/Outlook credentials at login. If you are prompted to enter a domain or SSO, enter art.

  • For email password support/reset, please contact Online Help Desk (available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week): 415-618-3545
  • For email password support/reset, please contact the IT Service Desk or

For Zoom questions regarding Zoom troubleshooting and training:

Online Office:

For Online Graduate Review questions:

Katherine Shyu-Abad: | 415.618.3967

Online Graduate Review Website

For Online Chat and Webinar questions:

Kathleen Chu: | 415.618.3957

Online Chats Website

For Learning Management (Online Dashboard) questions:

Online Help Desk: | 415.618.3545

Toll-Free Phone: 1-888-431-2787
Help Desk Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days per week

Online Help Desk Website

For questions regarding your Outlook 365 credentials:

IT Service Desk: | 415.618.6400


Meet the Synchronous Learning Services & Zoom Support Team


Maya Frenklach - Director, Online Student Support


Kathleen Chu - Manager, Synchronous Learning Services


Katherine Shyu-Abad - Synchronous Learning Coordinator


Yonni Michovska - Synchronous Learning Coordinator

Mission Statement: Strengthening the bridge between students, faculty, and staff by utilizing current technologies to enhance the online Academy of Art University educational experience through real-time support, collaboration, and community.

For updates on Zoom status, click here

To download the latest Zoom Client for Meetings (Zoom update), click here

What are your hours?

We can offer support from 9:00 am – 5:30pm Pacific Time, Monday - Friday.  The Online Help Desk can assist with minor Zoom issues outside of business hours.


How do I change or reset my password so I can log in to Zoom?

Please click here for instructions on how to reset or change your password.

For additional support, please contact IT Service Desk for assistance with your password:

Phone: 415-618-6400



Do you recommend I download the Zoom application?

Yes, the Zoom application allows full access to Zoom and is a one-time download. You will be prompted to install when you launch your first Zoom meeting. To download the Zoom application ahead of reviews you can download directly from and download Zoom Desktop Client for meetings.


Where can I find the Online/Onsite Instructors Resource page?

Click here to be redirected to Online/Onsite Instructors Resource Page.


What is the best option for Zoom audio?

Zoom allows for microphone or dial-in phone audio. We suggest utilizing microphone for audio (built-in, plug-in, or headset). You and your participants can also dial in via phone (dial-in rates apply per your phone plan). 


How do I get my microphone to work on Zoom?

To test your microphone audio in Zoom ahead of your scheduled reviews click here. Zoom may default to your headphones when you want to use built-in audio or vice-versa. You can change your audio speaker and microphone sources by clicking the up arrow ^ next to the microphone icon. If that doesn't help and you’re still experiencing issues with microphone audio, please switch to phone audio. If all else fails, a computer reboot may help with recurring audio issues. 

*microphone audio is recommended, as caller is responsible for phone audio cost when dialing in 


Why can I not see my participants in my scheduled Zoom room?

This may be because you are logged in to a different Zoom room. When you schedule a meeting in Zoom, you will be provided a unique link for that specific review. If you are the host, sign in at click ‘Meetings’ on the left-hand side to view upcoming meetings and access the Zoom meeting room link. The host/co-host also posts the Zoom meeting room link in the review portal under online review location for panel members and the student to access (two days before the scheduled review).


Is it better to record to cloud or locally? 

Recording to cloud is recommended. Cloud storage recordings have automatic transcription and capture a more complete view of the meeting. With cloud storage, the host will receive an email with the recording link as soon as it has processed. 

*Cloud recording storage is limited and you will be asked to delete all recordings when they are no longer needed. Only archive important and relevant recordings 

Where do I find my Zoom recording link?

If you recorded to the cloud, the host will be automatically emailed a recording link once it has processed. If you select local recording, you can find the MP4 file on your desktop or your computer’s default download location. You can also access your recording in your Zoom profile by logging into and clicking the recording tab on the left of your screen. Here you have the option to download, share, and delete any recordings in your account.


I shared my screen but lost the Zoom room – what happened? 

When you share your screen the Zoom room will minimize so that you can share your screen and everyone in the Zoom room can see your desktop. Sharing desktop allows more flexibility in the event the student would like to share their portfolio, website, or video(s) along with their presentation.


How do I turn off automatic full screen during screen share? 

To exit out of full screen mode you have a few options. Teh first option is to click the “esc” button on your keyboard, another option is to hover your mouse to the top of your screen and click the minimize button along the top bar. The final optikon is to the top center of your screen and click “view options” and select “exit full screen.”


How do I stop sharing my screen when I am done with screen share? 

Click “STOP SHARE” in red at the top of your screen to return to the Zoom room and stop screen sharing.


I’d like to navigate to a certain slide on the student’s presentation as I did in Adobe Connect – how can I do that? 

In Zoom, the student is sharing their screen instead of uploading their presentation like they did in Adobe Connect. Only the student can navigate to a certain slide on their presentation. During the presentation, let the student know what slide number you would like to reference and the student can navigate to the slide/page.


Why do I not hear the video sound of a students video in screen share? 

To broadcast audio during a screen share, the participant sharing their screen must click the screen share button at the bottom of the Zoom window, select desktop (default allows flexibility to move from presentation to video). Then click the "Share Computer Sound" AND "Optimize for full screen video clip" checkboxes at the bottom left of the pop-up window. Then click the blue "Share" button at the bottom right of the pop-up window.


Logged in with your Academy credentials and not showing up as host in your Zoom room?

Click on claim host and use your host code. You can find your host code and edit your host code on your Zoom dashboard profile – detailed information below.

•       Zoom Support Resources on how to Claim Host: click here.

•       Zoom Support Resources on how to edit Host Code: click here.

Where can I find the Online/Onsite Instructors Resource page?

Click here to be redirected to Online/Onsite Instructors Resource Page.