Using Adobe Connect

  • A microphone and headphones are required and a web camera is recommmended.

  • A telephone is recommended if you have difficulty using your computer microphone.

  • If you don't have the Adobe Connect add-in software installed on your browser, you will be prompted to download it. This URL will test your browser and make sure you are ready for your appointment in the Online Speaking Lab.

You will use Adobe Connect to communicate with your Online Speaking Lab tutor and other students. Follow these steps below to successfully speak with your tutor.

  1. Log in to the Online Speaking Lab Connect Pro Meeting Room at this URL:

  2. Choose the “Enter as a Guest” option and type your name in. Then click the “Enter Room” button.

  3. If you are using your computer microphone and speakers for the audio conference, you will need to start your microphone. Go to the Menu Bar and click on the drop-down menu arrow to the right of the white microphone icon, and then click "Connect My Audio".
    After you click this option, the microphone icon will turn green.

4. The first time you connect your audio a window/dialog box will appear that will ask for access to your camera and microphone. Click the “Allow” button with the green check mark on it. After you have clicked the “Allow” button, the microphone icon will turn green.


If you need to adjust your microphone volume or mute your microphone, click on the drop-down menu arrow to the right of the green microphone icon and select "Adjust Microphone Volume" to raise or lower the volume.

5. If your instructor has the Camera and Voice Pod open, you can start your webcam so your classmates can see you. Go to the Menu Bar and click on the drop-down menu arrow to the right of the white webcam icon, and then click "Start My Webcam".


After you start your webcam, the webcam icon will turn green and your image will appear in the Camera and Voice Pod as a Preview. When you are ready to share your image with the Meeting Room, click the “Start Sharing” button.

Using the telephone instead of the computer microphone and speakers

Sometimes a slow Internet Connection can make it difficult for everyone to talk and hear each other clearly in the Meeting Room. If that happens, your instructor might decide to use the telephone for the workshop.

- If your instructor chooses to use the telephone for the audio conference, a window will appear that says, “Join Audio Conference” in the title bar.

The “Dial-out [Receive a call from the meeting]” option will be selected by default. Type in your phone number following the example, click the “Join” button, and then in a few seconds you will receive a phone call. A voice will ask you to press the number “1”, you will hear a tone, and then you will be in the Audio Conference. After that you can start talking to your instructor and other students.


After you have joined the Audio Conference, your microphone icon will become a green phone icon. Here is an image that shows the green phone icon.