Online Speaking Lab

The Online Speaking Lab offers three types of 40-minute appointments for speaking practice: 

Conversation Group (A maximum of three students per appointment) 

  • Practice everyday English conversation in a small group with a tutor.
  • Meet other English learners and make friends. 

Presentation Practice (One student and one tutor)

  • Practice giving presentations and get help with language issues (vocabulary, organization, etc.)
  • Improve delivery skills such as eye contact, body language, volume, and pace.

Pronunciation Practice (One student and one tutor)

  • Practice pronouncing English sounds for clear and effective communication.
  • Learn to monitor and correct your own pronunciation problems.

Please schedule an Online Speaking Lab appointment here.

Students may schedule up to two Online Speaking Lab appointments each week. You must schedule an appointment because drop-in appointments are not allowed.

Here is the Current Online Speaking Lab appointment schedule as a Google calendar. The Online Speaking Lab is open during Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters. 

If you have any questions, please email Carlo Pellegrini, the Online Speaking Lab coordinator, at