AAU's Policy on Plagiarism

It does not matter what your major is; the plagiarism policy applies to all AAU students.

From the student handbook:

"All art and design work, and all written work, must be the original work of the student. Any quotations, paraphrases, or direct appropriation of imagery or ideas from source material must be properly cited according to university, departmental, and/or instructor policy."

In all departments, you must do your own work. You cannot turn in work that was done by another person, including other students.

You must make it clear to the teacher and your peers were the words, ideas, or images came from. This is called citation.

What will happen if I plagiarize?

  • You will get an "F" on the assignment.
  • Your name will be given to your department director and to the
  • Education Office.
  • You may have to leave the Academy.
  • It does not matter if you "forget" to tell readers where you found the
  • information. The consequences are the same.