Letter From the Editor: Salute to Service

Mr. Stephens Navy Photo.jpg

Dr. Richard A. Stephens. Photo courtesy of the Stephens family.

Dear Academy Art U News readers, 

I hope you have been enjoying our Fall 2017 editions of Academy Art U News. For this November 2017 Volume 1 edition, you’ll notice that we’ve deviated from our usual sections and are featuring a group of individuals that have a specific commonality between them: They are all veterans.

With Veterans Day just around the corner (Nov. 11), we here at Academy Art U News sought to highlight members of our Academy community that have served in the United States Armed Forces. Thank you to the Veterans Club for your assistance with this edition and to the students and alumni for allowing us to share your inspirational stories and Academy journeys.

We would also like to acknowledge former Academy President and Chairman Emeritus Dr. Richard A. Stephens, who passed away earlier this year on June 6 at the age of 92. Dr. Stephens joined the United States Navy in the midst of World War II and served for three years. This special edition of Academy Art U News is dedicated to his memory.

To members of Academy of Art University and to our readers who have served for our country: Thank you for your service.


With gratitude & respect,

Kirsten Coachman

Editor, Academy Art U News