Distinguished Alumnus Brett Amory to Release First Book in April


Courtesy of Vivant Books.

Brett Amory, who was honored at Academy of Art University’s spring commencement last year with the Distinguished Alumni Award, is proud to have published his first book of artwork titled Brett Amory: The Complete Works and Selected Essays

Among other works, the book presents subjects from his acclaimed Waiting series, in which he explores the humanity of people doing the most mundane tasks or simply just waiting to get somewhere else. Alongside four-color reproductions of the artwork, the book includes a biography and selected essays from art world luminaries and patrons.  


“Since I have been a full-time artist, publishing a book of my work has always been one of my goals,” said Amory, who published the book with San Francisco-based Vivant Books, a boutique publishing company owned by Becky and Mia Benenate. “Mia and Becky make beautiful books, so I am very honored to be included.” 

Vivant publishes limited edition high-value coffee table books, primarily on contemporary mid-to-late career artists. 

“It is our goal to make art more accessible to a broader audience,” said Mia Benenate, co-publisher. The company packages a small number of each edition with original works by the artists they feature. “This enables us to offer art literature along with original works at a price that is often much lower than market value.”



Courtesy of Vivant Books.

Benenate was introduced to Amory roughly five years ago at an art event in San Francisco and has been following his work ever since.  “Upon first viewing his work, I was an instant fan but also believed that his career trajectory was on the upward swing,” said Benenate. Her beliefs were confirmed when she saw the evolution of his work and the Waiting series over the ensuing years, as well as Amory’s success during those years both domestically and internationally.

“He is an amazing talent, and I have no doubt that his star will continue to rise,” she said. “We decided to do a book together now because I felt that my company and Brett were both ready for such an endeavor.”

Ultimately what Vivant is doing is investing in Amory. Publishing a book of this quality is a huge financial investment. “I believe that he is at a point where his audience is also invested in the work, and because of that it makes sense to introduce this product into the market,” said Benenate, who has always wanted to work with Amory and who has been an avid collector of his work since she first saw it. 

“I was just waiting until the time felt right, and now is that time,” she said. “I couldn’t be more excited or more proud of the book that we’ve created together.”

Much of the book focuses on Amory’s Waiting series because it is such a large part of his body of work. Gwynn Vitello, publisher of Juxtapoz Magazine wrote the foreword and Steve Lazarides of Lazarides Gallery and Outsiders Gallery in London wrote a special introductory note. 

“They are joined by many others who laud Brett’s work within the pages of the book,” said Benenate. “We take the viewer on a chronological journey through Brett’s artwork, and his inspirations and style through many essays written by art world luminaries.” 

“The people that contributed have believed in me and my work since the beginning. I would not be where I am at without their support,” said Amory. 

Vivant Books is excited to launch the finished book this April with a book-signing event hosted by Gwynn Vitello. 

Meanwhile, Amory is staying busy. He just finished an installation for Juxtapoz’s 20-year anniversary taking place in Los Angeles. He also has a solo exhibition at artMRKT with Hashimoto Gallery in May as well as a solo exhibition in New York in October. He will also have an installation at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art for a show Thinkspace Gallery is curating in July. 

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