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    Advertising Grads Win Big at Cannes Lions


    Inner Warmth, a THERMOS brand campaign by advertising graduates Ei Kakiuchi and Visarnpong “Saint” Chateakcharoen. (L–R) Cashmere, Polyester and Wool. Photo courtesy of Visarnpong “Saint” Chateakcharoen.

    Within advertising and branded communications, there isn’t much bigger than the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. It’s where the best of the best in the global industry go to play and mingle amongst like-minded creatives. It is also where the global communications community recognizes and awards excellence to those pushing the craft forward.

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    Men’s Soccer Alums Sveinsson, Eldon Craft Team Iceland Promo Site

    MSOC - Thorvaldur Sveinsson & Jon Eldon

    (Pictured left) Thorvaldur Sveinsson and Jon Eldon. (Pictured right) Visuals from the Team Iceland promo website. Image courtesy of Art U Athletics.


    The Icelandic word for “together” fittingly serves as the tagline for an Icelandic National Soccer Team Coca-Cola 2018 World Cup advertising campaign that reunited Academy of Art University Men’s Soccer alumni Thorvaldur “Thobbi” Sveinsson and Jon “Jay” Eldon. Working with Iceland-based ad agency Maurar and Avista, Sveinsson’s design company, the ART U School of Web Design & New Media graduates exemplified the country’s collaborative nature in producing a promotional website paired with a commercial that went viral.

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    Seizing Opportunities

    MPT graduate Carl Nenzén Lovén’s passion, talent and attitude have landed him exciting opportunities in the film industry


    School of Motion Pictures & Television graduate Carl Nenzén Lovén. Photo courtesy of Carl Nenzén Lovén.

    At work, Carl Nenzén Lovén must be highly calculated, yet when he’s not behind the camera on set, Lovén is actually quite spontaneous.

    He recently moved to Los Angeles on a whim, for example. He spent a weekend down south a few weeks after walking the stage with the School of Motion Pictures & Television (MPT) graduating class of 2018 at Academy of Art University and returned to San Francisco with his mind set on a newfound change of scenery.

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    A Passion for Production

    Producer of many student projects in the School of Game Development, Victoria “Via” Pruitt’s communication skills help bring teams together

    Clan Helsing, Face, TeenTend, Tony DiTerlizzi’s Magic Mirror, Norman Rockwell VR Experience, Sugar Sleuths, Hazel: The Game, Foodiecats: The Game, A Thief’s Tale, Junho—these are but a few of the outstanding projects developed within the last few semesters by students in the School of Game Development at Academy of Art University. There is one student, however, who has her fingerprints on all of them: Victoria “Via” Pruitt. 

    For the listed projects, Pruitt acted as producer—the glue, the guru, the communicator and all-around calming problem-solver: “If something’s about to happen, I just reorganize things so I can say, ‘Okay, we’re going to be fine,’” she explained.

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    Reimagining Automotive Brands

    IND’s Corporate Sponsored Project encourages interdisciplinary work and provides students with brand experience


    Team members (L–R) Kevin Chen, Mitchell Galik, Max Benon and Enes Olcay present their design during their IND 494 presentation. Photo by Nina Tabios.

    Every year, the School of Industrial Design (IND) at Academy of Art University organizes an IND 494 class, or a Corporate Sponsored Project, to mimic a real-world scenario for its student designers. And every year, prepping for the final presentation goes down to the wire.

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    JEM Alums’ Art Graces the Pages of 'CAST'

    Art lovers have plenty of choices when it comes to buying coffee table books. But CAST: Art and Objects Made Using Humanity’s Most Transformational Process, brings something new to the genre. Touted by as “The Most Beautiful Art Coffee Table Book of 2017,” CAST celebrates pieces made through the process of casting—pouring material into a mold. The 448-page tome by artists Jen Townsend and Renee Zettle-Sterling features 800 images of a wide variety of contemporary and traditional cast creations.

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