A Spring Finale

    Opportunities abound as industry and alumni view student work from all Academy departments


    A student from the School of Graphic Design shows her work to an industry guest at Spring Show. Photo by Bob Toy.

    Academy of Art University’s annual Spring Show serves as an epicenter of innovative design and talent, as all of its departments, from fine art and fashion to illustration and industrial design, put forth their students’ best work to be viewed by special industry guests as well as students’ families, friends and peers.

    This year was no different as the 22 creative disciplines along with Academy President Dr. Elisa Stephens hosted a packed Opening Night at 2225 Jerrold. As guests mingled throughout the venue, departments held award ceremonies as a way to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary work and effort of their students.

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    WNM Students Showcase Skill Sets at Ideate


    Above and below) Students met with industry guests to present their portfolios and receive feedback at the School of Web Design & New Media’s Ideate Conference. Photos by Bob Toy.

    On Friday, May 25, Academy of Art University’s School of Web Design & New Media (WNM) hosted their semesterly Ideate Conference at 180 New Montgomery. Industry representatives from over 20 companies came to review student portfolios, give feedback and scout potential new hires. 

    The Spring 2018 edition of Ideate included a wide range of companies in respect to size, industry and company age, from large legacy enterprises like Kohl’s and JPMorgan Chase to big name startups like Airbnb to smaller agencies like Creative Circle and ROI DNA.

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    Creative visions come to life for the 2018 Graduation Fashion Show in inspirational, sustainable collections

    Utopia and dystopia, light and dark, old and new—the 2018 Graduation Fashion Show was an exploration of contrasts. The large warehouse at 2225 Jerrold, which usually hosts the entire Academy of Art University Spring Show, was transformed and filled to capacity. Fashion industry insiders, socialites, influencers, local and international press were treated to the unexpected sight of a long, elevated runway constructed from a combination of metal scaffolding and recycled wood beams. 

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    Making Valuable Connections

    From the Academy to the real-world, WNM alumnus Nic Goodrich shares his Ideate experience

    With the academic semester soon coming to a close, Academy of Art University School of Web Design & New Media’s (WNM) semesterly Ideate Conference is preparing for its Spring 2018 edition. Ideate is an opportunity for WNM students to showcase their work, share portfolios with industry professionals for feedback or glean nuggets of wisdom from the industry veterans, who have worked as professional creatives for years.

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    A World of Creativity on Display at Spring Show

    Hard work pays off for students as they present high quality work to industry professionals


    Students from the School of Graphic Design presented their portfolios to industry guests at Spring Show. Photo by Bob Toy.

    A bright red carpet led the way to the entrance of the Academy of Art University’s 2017 Spring Show Student Showcase on opening day Thursday, May 18. The doors of 2225 Jerrold Avenue opened to a world bursting with color and creativity as the portfolio work from each of the 23 schools of the Academy vibrantly filled screens, walls and floor space. 

    This was an event students worked all year for. For many of them, it was an opportunity to shape their future and to prove their talent to industry representatives in attendance from some of the top companies in the world like Apple, Disney, Nissan, Google and Electronic Arts.

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    Restoration Hardware's IAD Contingent


    (L–R) Jeana Peters, Brenna Mitchell and Alexandra Chausse. Photo by Mark Miller.

    Over this last year, Restoration Hardware, a luxury residential design brand, has taken a few of the top School of Interior Architecture & Design (IAD) students at Academy of Art University and given them an opportunity of a lifetime. 

    Brenna Mitchell, Jeana Peters and Alexandra Chausse have been working as interns at RH’s corporate office in Corte Madera, north of San Francisco. 

    Mitchell opened the door for additional interns by being proactive, sending her resume and contacting the human resources department. She has done such an outstanding job, RH subsequently called the School of Interior Architecture & Design and asked for additional interns “like Brenna."

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