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Script & Film Index


There are over 400 films for you to choose from in our script/film index. They are listed by genre. We have listed places where you can access them for free at either the Academy Library or the San Francisco Public Library and/or with your membership to Netflix or Amazon. We have also included an IMDB link for you to access a brief synopsis of the film and cast. 

REMEMBER, you must watch one film from at least 15 of the genres over the course of the semester if you are a student in MPT 105. 

If you are an MPT 205 student, we do not yet have links to free script libraries where you can find copies of the scripts you need to read and cover. However, the school has collections of scripts in our library as do many other resources. If you are having a difficult time finding a script you are looking for reach out to and we will try to assist you.




Are You The Most Film Literate Student at MPT?!?!

Want to win a Google ChromeCast?

Starting tomorrow, September 2nd, MPT is sponsoring a contest. Whoever watches the most films off of the Script/Film Index, will win a Google ChromeCast. 


  1. You must watch the entire film. 
  2. You must email after you watch a film to receive the three questions that verify you have watched the film. 
  3. You must return your answers to the questions by hitting reply within 8 hours of receiving the questions, for the film to count as having been watched. 
  4. Once we review the answers and at least two out of three are correct you will get credit for having watched the film. 
  5. The office will have a chart on the wall that will record your progress in the competition. If you do not see the correct number of stars under your name please let know. 

On December 14 we will announce the winner of the fall semester contest who will receive a google chromecast and a large bag of popcorn.