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Room 102 Calendar

Reserve your time in our Screening Room, Room 102 (466 Townsend): MPT CALENDAR

If you want to reserve room 102 you may block off up to three open hours on the calendar. Please do not use the room without blocking off a space on the calendar so we know people are in the building. If you want to stay longer than three hours, you may only do so if the room is not reserved.

To Reserve room 102, you must also fill out a facility request form and return it to the MPT Office at 466 Townsend or email to


Download your Facility Request Form

OFFICIAL CLASSES will always take precedent over student reservations. 


  1. Return the room to the way you found it. 

  2. Clean up after yourself meaning remove all trash, and erase the whiteboards.

  3. Remotes for the computer (if any should be returned where you found them). 

  4. Turn off the computer.

Please do not bring alcohol or other illegal substances into room 102. Keep liquids away from the computer.