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    Basics to Lapidary: A Virtual Workshop with Alexis Pavlantos


    Have you ever wondered how that beautiful smooth stone in the ring on your finger was created? With skilled hands and a discerning eye, the stone is formed through the lapidary techniques of cutting, shaping, and polishing. On Friday, May 8th at 11:00am PST, Jewelry & Metal Arts instructor Alexis Pavlantos invites you into her studio for Basics to Lapidary, a virtual workshop demonstrating how to use lapidary tools and techniques to create a basic cabochon—a non-faceted gemstone—by starting with just a rough specimen.

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    Call for Entries! Spring/Summer 2020 Opportunities


    While there may be a lot of uncertainty and restrictions during these trying and unusual times, you can still draw visibility to your artwork through various online competitions and exhibitions. Whether you're entering previous work from the past year or creating new pieces that possibly address the challenges of the global pandemic, it's important you continue to engage with your craft and the field. Here are some fantastic opportunities coming up this spring and summer 2020:

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    Resources for Photographing Jewelry

    Are you looking to photograph your work but are limited on resources and budget? Try creating this DIY lightbox to capture the right shots for your final portfolio and Spring Show submissions. Also included below is a list of websites and articles that may be helpful for photographing your pieces. Great images are an essential part of your jewelry marketing, and there is always something new to learn.

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    Overcoming Fears to Kick-Start a Jewelry Career

    Colleen Schwarz_Halstead Book

    The Halstead Grant is an annual competition for emerging jewelry artists working primarily in silver. Applicants are asked to submit answers to 15 business questions, in addition to design portfolios, for the opportunity to kick-start their jewelry career. Since 2006, the grant has enabled entrepreneurs to find their place in this challenging industry by helping them to develop a strategy for successfully managing a new business.

    Among those applicants for 2019 was BFA-JEM alumna Colleen Schwarz, who found herself as a Top 10 finalist and the recipient of prizes including a cash grant, trophy, and a Halstead book feature with the other winners. Since graduating from the Academy in 2014, Schwarz has remained proactive in gaining a foothold in the field by setting business goals and building on the vast knowledge she acquired from past opportunities. Continue reading below to learn about her experience on the grant application process and her advice on overcoming hurdles to start the next chapter of entrepreneurship.

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