Triptych: MFA Jewelry & Metal Arts


In their first exhibition as Academy of Art University Jewelry & Metal Arts alumni, MFA graduates Li-Yun "Rita" Hsing, Xiaoxin Hu, and Jieun "Jeanne" Oh join together to present Triptych. The opening reception takes place on Thursday, March 1 from 5:30-7:30pm at the Cannery. See below for more details on the show as well as background information on their inspiring thesis work.

What: Triptych: MFA Jewelry & Metal Arts Opening Reception
Thursday, March 1 @ 5:30-7:30pm
435 Jefferson St, Ste 105 (Cannery)

Exhibition dates: Wednesday, February 28 – Sunday, April 29
Gallery hours:
Tuesday – Sunday, 9am – 6pm

Li-Yun "Rita" Hsing

As a Female

"My work focuses on the feelings of women when they attempt to pursue beauty in order to satisfy the norms of society. I discuss the social phenomenon of modern feminism, such as body hair issues, cosmetic surgery, and body shaming. It is my goal to have some influence on the way our culture views these societal “rules." I hope to help change these views for the benefit of all women and increase awareness of this phenomenon which has been going on for centuries. In my work, I try to celebrate being a female and the many different aspects of femininity. My thesis, As a Female, reveals some of the unreasonable sacrifices of women and serves as a reminder that these unrealistic norms still exist in society today."


Xiaoxin Hu
Never Bow Down

"As I grew up, I had to constantly focus on my level of confidence; but fear still showed on my face while engaging with others. My inner heart needed a long time to become stronger. My goal was to develop my confidence around other people. Inspired by the Elizabethan era ruff and lace patterns, I am making wearable sculptural jewelry based on my concept, Never Bow Down. The significance of this concept is that I won’t lower my head to anyone or anything. I will develop the confidence to present the best of myself to people. In these projects, I used plastic and metal to evoke the visual of a ruff and integrated the traditional and modern materials to create a new vision of wearable jewelry in historic and current mediums. Although life is not perfect, there are ways we can have spiritual support from something that can give us power both visually and internally."


Jieun "Jeanne" Oh
Window of the Mind

"I make contemporary jewelry and sculptural objects based on my concept, Window of the Mind. My concept expresses the importance of communicating one’s true thoughts and emotions. I believe impactful pieces evoke strong emotions in others, and the viewers of my work experience love and tranquility momentarily. To me, the emotional clarity of a piece is a key concept to bring forward in order to create a sense of positive energy within an area of negative memories. During our lives, we are continuously influenced and divided by our beliefs either consciously or unconsciously. It could be through multiple modalities such as education, culture, society, or tradition. Being raised in a Korean household, I grew up in a strict community where I had to be respectful and show emotional discipline before those who were older than me, which only enticed a facade of true courtesy. After dwelling on some of these philosophical concepts, I strive to depict emotional transparency and unrestrained design so I may share the emotions I felt while creating the art pieces."