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Chuck Pyle Awarded Distinguished Educator in NYC


Left to right: Dr. Elisa Stephens President Academy of art University. Chuck Pyle, Undergraduate Director School of Illustration. Anelle Miller, Executive Director, Society of Illustrators. Tim O’Brien, President, Society of Illustrators.


President Dr. Elisa Stephens, Chuck Pyle and student, Julia Blattman


Chuck Pyle giving his acceptance speech at NY Society of Illustrators


School of Illustration Director Chuck Pyle was awarded Distinguished Educator in the Arts by the New York Society of Illustrators on the evening of Friday, May 8th, 2015. Chuck is awarded this honor for the highest standards of academic achievement and for impacting the illustration field as both a teacher and an artist. 
President Dr. Elisa Stephens, her brother Scott Stephens, Assistant Director of School of Illustration, Lisa Berrett, Arts Technology Director, Gordon Silveria and Online Illustration Director, Lourdes Livingston accompanied Chuck and his family to the awards ceremony held in the Museum of American Illustration Gallery at the NY Society of Illustrators located at 128 East 63rd St.

Chuck expressed of his distinguished honor,"I am so humbled to be honored for nearly forty years of teaching what I care about so deeply, namely, Illustration:  The art of telling stories in pictures. The University has provided a great environment within which  to teach the next generations of illustrators. I thank  President, Dr. Stephens, and her family for providing leadership to maintain and expand the opportunity to teach, and for my fellow faculty for creating the team needed to accomplish the bigger goal of providing a great education in the art of being an illustrator."

The evening also showcased the 2015 Student Scholarship Competition featuring the works of over two hundred of today's top college level illustration students. Three Academy Illustration students, Julia Blattman, David Lantz and Krystal Lauk were selected to showcase their work, and they were also present to receive their honors during the evening's festivities.  




Online Director, Lourdes Livingston, Illustration Director, Chuck Pyle, President Dr. Elisa Stephens and students, Krystal Lauk and David Lantz


Chuck Pyle and Assistant Director for School of Illustration, Lisa Berrett