Learn the skills to pursue a career as a graphic novelist or comic book artist, storyboard artist, concept artist, children’s book illustrator, editorial or advertising illustrator.

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Plan Now for Summer Expo

It's never too early to plan for Summer Expo. This year's Summer Expo will be held from June 20 to June 28. You should seriously think about visiting the school to enrich your experience as an Academy of Art University student.

You can meet your instructors in person, network and meet your classmates from not only from School of Illustration but from other departments as well. You'll experience studio drawing at our Illustration Campus on Powell Street as cable cars "climb halfway to the stars."

Oncampus Undergraduate Director, Chuck Pyle (he is truly a character, an alum, and you've got to meet him!) and your Online Director, Lourdes Livingston will provide demos, work with you personally to address and get around those difficult areas that were giving you problems in your online classes.

Jeannie Brunnick, Online Graduate Director and William Maughan, Online Graduate Director will discuss your graduate program and thesis direction, midpoint/ final review, not to mention classes and Directed Study.

There is nothing like visiting the studios; each one has a different culture so it's exciting to experience which studio environment could be a good fit for you. Online students gain a deeper insight into the world of illustration to ensure their goals are brighter and more focused.

You will have an opportunity to also visit museums, galleries and draw on location. San Francisco is a visual city and there is so much to draw and paint. Every day is like a unique light show with the colors of the golden gate bloom from a pastel dawn into a deep peach sherbet sunset. You could get some misty color effects with fog too!

While the rest of the country is baking in Summer, a city like San Francisco is fresh, warm in the days and cool at night. Layering is key to enjoying a few days in San Francisco. We're excited to see you in June!

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Online students were treated to a visit to Madefire Studios for a demonstration of the new Motion Tool.


Online students in front of the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, one of the two Fine Arts Museums in San Francisco.