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Samantha Buller

By Anna Nelson

Samantha Buller at work in her studio

Samantha Buller at work in her studio

Samantha Buller graduated from the Academy of Art University with a  BFA in Fine Art and studied for a semester in Italy with the Fine Art study abroad program.  Italy inspired Samantha to continue her love and passion for painting beautiful light and color.  

Samantha’s current solo exhibit for Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento features her contemporary still life work inspired by Wayne Thiebaud.  The body of work entitled “Nothing But In Thing’s” focuses on simplistic, everyday objects painting in a very stylistic manner.  


“As children we are told from the very start to color inside the lines.  These paintings are an everyday practice for me to push outside my own lines/boundaries, and trying to discover them again by pushing and pulling paint between background and foreground.  From time to time I feel myself tense up, not wanting to loose the “perfect” mark…that’s when I know I need to take a breath and do just that, paint through that beautiful moment I was stuck on.”

Buller has had the opportunity to teach workshops in California, Kansas, and Colorado, as well as work along side well known landscape artist, Scott Christensen, mixing paint for two of his larger works.  She shows in several galleries, including Abend in Denver, CO, Room Art Gallery in Mill Valley, CA and Wild Meyer Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.  She paints out of her studio in her home in northern California.