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Academy Students Shine at the Book Club of California

Article by Chris Rolik

On Monday April 13th The Book Club of California hosted their annual Student Showcase and Pop-Up Exhibition featuring Bay Area Book Arts students from SFAI, Mills College, City College of San Francisco, and the Academy of Art University. Participating Academy students in this year’s event were Grad student Yishu Wang and Undergrad Keisha Mrotek, both Printmaking majors.

Students were asked to each present a formal five-minute PowerPoint slide show representing an overview of their current work. 


Each student was also given table space to set up a display of their bookworks and related art. The students were able to chat informally with guests and show their work both before and after their presentations.

The work shown was varied and fascinating. Among the works AAU students displayed were Keisha Mrotek’s politically satirical “Humiliate Them”, a mix-and-match card game based on the Dadaist “Exquisite Corpse”, images separated into segments that can be rearranged to create new, absurd combinations; and Yishu Wang’s 

L’Isle Joyeaux”, an approximately 6-foot-long accordion book structure comprised of her series of complex, multi-layered screenprinted images inspired by the musical composition of the same name. Our Academy students gave stellar presentations.

This event was a wonderful opportunity for the students to share their work with a wider audience and have the chance to interact on an individual, personal level. The Student Showcase was open to the public, welcoming everyone from the budding book aficionado to the most discerning collector. The students’ work was received enthusiastically by BCC staff and guests alike. We look forward to next year’s event!

The Book Club of California is a non-profit membership organization founded in 1912. It supports the art of fine printing related to the history and literature of California and the western states of America through research, publishing, public programs, and exhibitions. The Book Club of California is located at 312 Sutter Street, 5th Floor, in San Francisco. For more information on other programs and events visit

Photo credits: Meri Brin