A broad stroke of the harmoniously colorful students, faculty, and events of the Fine Art Department at the Academy of Art University. Find out more about Art in the Bay area, what goes on at 60 Federal, and our extended family of students and faculty throughout the world.

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Summer Expo'15


Come to San Francisco for Expo '15

Admission is Free! 

Campus Housing is only $375 for the week/8 nights


Meet Your Program Directors: Learn More About Your Program & Get Expert Advice

Get Involved: Benefit from Hands-On Workshops, Field Trips, and Live Demonstrations 

Network: Connect with faculty, alumni, and other students 

When: Saturday, June 20 -- Sunday, June 28, 2015 

Where: Academy of Art University, San Francisco 

Who: Students who are taking all of their classes Online 

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For more information, please contact Melinda Mettler @