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Student Showcase: Lucas Bononi

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Fine Art Feature Emerging Painter – Lucas Bononi by Carol A. Nunnelly


Lucas Bononi is an emerging talent in the world of Fine Art Painting.  His work has been exhibited both in San Francisco, California, where he is currently earning his BFA degree in painting at the Academy of Art University, and in his native country of Argentina.


Recently Lucas sat down with us and we learned more about him and his creative process. Since he has studied art most of his life, his passion and enthusiasm for the act of creating is infectious.


CN: What drives your painting and offers inspiration?


LB: Both master painters and more contemporary painters inspire me. The idea of bringing new approaches to painting while still studying the traditional masters has caused my work to evolve. I studied art from a very young age and have attended several schools. Being exposed to a wide variety of approaches and various ways to go about things, I began to understand the struggle it is to represent form, while trying to successfully produce unique paintings. Since each painting is different, there is no formula. In my opinion a successful painting is one that can hold true to its own reality, whether it may be realistic or abstract. This can be achieved through foundation skills, and by simplifying your palette for as long as possible. The world around you determines your palette; your palette does not determine the world around you for you.

CN: You are in the studio painting everyday. What do you have to say about work ethic and paining?


LB: At the Academy of Art, there are creative minds and the School of Fine Art has an ambiance that helps me stay motivated. For example, getting critiques from the professionals and attending art related workshops, tutoring labs, and departmental lectures has helped me find my personal voice. I paint in the studio 13-16 hours a day. I’m passionate about making art. It’s a long journey, but with hard work and dedication I plan to succeed. My feeling is that if I practice and experiment with many approaches to painting, while earning my degree, by the time I graduate I’ll be better abled to tackle problems when painting on my own in the real world. With the painting education from the Academy of Art, I will be doing things that maybe I couldn’t have done otherwise.


CN: You are exhibiting your work in galleries and shows. How did you go about finding these opportunities?


LB: As an emerging artist I am busy trying out new subject matter and styles. I also am very committed to exploring the possible gateways I can generate for my career. For me the business of art is to make connections on a day-to-day basis. You can start by going to galleries in your local area, or even exchanging words with painters, curators and collectors. Most curators of art are the painter’s friends. They are there to help you and work with you. Maybe one gallery might not be a good fit for your work, but that doesn’t you has to stop there. Apply to as many galleries as possible. It is common for artists to face rejection and that should never stop you from putting yourself out there. Keep in mind, it is better to be rejected three hundred galleries and be in 4 amazing ones, then to be in a few that are mediocre, just because your too scared to take the plunge. My advice is go to as many gallery openings as possible, take your business cards, and have your portfolio readily available on your cell phone. The key idea, is that the action of putting yourself forward with confidence, even if failing miserably the first times, will eventually be what can bring you great success in your fine art painting career.


To learn more about Lucas, please visit his web sight at: