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Florence Study Abroad Program, June 22 – August 12

The Academy of Art Department of Fine Art is currently accepting enrolment for the Florence Study Abroad Program.  The 7.5 week class provides our students the opportunity to live in Florence Italy, the home of the Italian Renaissance.  Students can study either painting or printmaking.  

The painting students will focus on plein air painting and drawing.  Painting on location allows our students to observe how the Medeteranian light describes the form of both architecture and nature.  With access to our host facilities studios the students can work from the photos they've taken while out exploring the region.  

Printmakers can take advantage of the wonderful facilities provide by our host campus focusing on both printmaking and book arts.  

In addition to Florence there are five day trips to Tuscan hilltop cities as well as  weekend trips to Rome and Venice.  Classes are held Monday throught Thursday  leaving the weekends open to explore Itanlian art and culture.  The final week students will exhibit their work at the gallery space of the host facility.  

Take a moment to watch our video describing the life changing experience of studying abroad in Florence