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    Spring Show 2015

    SPRING SHOW 2015

    Fa 604 Figurative Painting with Zhaoming Wu

    Zhaoming Wu has been teaching figurative painting at the Academy of Art for more than 2 decdes.  His exceptional talent and experience has bestowed an advanced level of ability in painting the the nude form to his students.  To see examples of Zhaoming Wu's art check out his webpage.

    Fa 604 Figure Painting is a Graduate class that is offered every semester. The high calibur of oil painting that is produced in this couse is often represented in the Academy of Art's Annual Spring Show.

    Below are few examples of mid term projects produced this semster by his students.  



    Small and Beautiful by Thomas Marsh,


    Thomas Marsh, Fine Art Instructor (since 1981)

    Since November I have had the good fortune of three magnificent museum experiences:  at The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC,  the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The National Gallery and the Met, naturally, are vast and their collections provide the highest levels of aesthetic experience  for museum goers and researchers. I would like to comment on a VERY small sampling of works in these two museums, the Vermeer paintings, and compare these to a current exhibition at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC.

    My numbers may be mistaken by one or two, but if my memory serves me correctly the Met has four Vermeer paintings in their collection, and the National Gallery has three. Vermeer, a Dutch painter of the 1600’s, worked very small (think of your 11 x 14 drawing pad as about the typical size of his paintings), most likely made use of the camera obscura to achieve heightened realism, and produced relatively few paintings in his life (compared to a huge abundance of works by his contemporary, Rembrandt).  And, Vermeer’s work is breathtakingly realistic in his handling of light. To recap: his works are small, they are few, they likely utilized some technical means (the camera obscura), and they are among the greatest works of Western Civilization.

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    Student Showcase: Lucas Bononi

    Self Portrait
    lighterversion small
    Gravity small

    Fine Art Feature Emerging Painter – Lucas Bononi by Carol A. Nunnelly


    Lucas Bononi is an emerging talent in the world of Fine Art Painting.  His work has been exhibited both in San Francisco, California, where he is currently earning his BFA degree in painting at the Academy of Art University, and in his native country of Argentina.


    Recently Lucas sat down with us and we learned more about him and his creative process. Since he has studied art most of his life, his passion and enthusiasm for the act of creating is infectious.


    CN: What drives your painting and offers inspiration?


    LB: Both master painters and more contemporary painters inspire me. The idea of bringing new approaches to painting while still studying the traditional masters has caused my work to evolve. I studied art from a very young age and have attended several schools. Being exposed to a wide variety of approaches and various ways to go about things, I began to understand the struggle it is to represent form, while trying to successfully produce unique paintings. Since each painting is different, there is no formula. In my opinion a successful painting is one that can hold true to its own reality, whether it may be realistic or abstract. This can be achieved through foundation skills, and by simplifying your palette for as long as possible. The world around you determines your palette; your palette does not determine the world around you for you.

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    Florence Study Abroad Program, June 22 – August 12

    The Academy of Art Department of Fine Art is currently accepting enrolment for the Florence Study Abroad Program.  The 7.5 week class provides our students the opportunity to live in Florence Italy, the home of the Italian Renaissance.  Students can study either painting or printmaking.  

    The painting students will focus on plein air painting and drawing.  Painting on location allows our students to observe how the Medeteranian light describes the form of both architecture and nature.  With access to our host facilities studios the students can work from the photos they've taken while out exploring the region.  

    Printmakers can take advantage of the wonderful facilities provide by our host campus focusing on both printmaking and book arts.  

    In addition to Florence there are five day trips to Tuscan hilltop cities as well as  weekend trips to Rome and Venice.  Classes are held Monday throught Thursday  leaving the weekends open to explore Itanlian art and culture.  The final week students will exhibit their work at the gallery space of the host facility.  

    Take a moment to watch our video describing the life changing experience of studying abroad in Florence