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    Craig NelsonTime Lapse Video

    Here is a video of our Executive Director painting a landscape at Pickberry Vineyards

    Artist Talk: Carrie Ann Plank

    Meet Bay Area artist Carrie Ann Plank on Sunday, March 20 and learn about her recent residency!


    Sunday, March 20, 2-3pm

    Join Carrie Ann Plank as she talks about her recent residency at Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area. She'll touch on the learning curve of working with glass for the first time, the inspirations for her prints, and the process of translating imagery into glass.

    This event is free and open to the public. Space is limited—RSVP required.

    About the Artist

    Carrie Ann Plank’s work is included in public collections including the Fine Art Archives of the Library of Congress, the Guanlan Print Art Museum in China, and the Iraq National Library in Baghdad. Recent shows include American representation at the International Print Art Triennial in Sophia, Bulgaria, the Liu Haisu Museum of Fine Art in Shanghai, China, and the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Guangzhou, China. 

    She is the director of the printmaking MFA & BFA Programs at the Academy of Art University and is a board member of the California Society of Printmakers. 

    Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area
    4514 Hollis Street
    Emeryville, CA 94608
    (Map this location)

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    Welcome to Fine Art Showcase

    by Craig Nelson Director Fine Art Painting

    Welcome to Fine Art Showcase!

    Our new blog will encompass a lot of great information about the School of Fine Art Painting and Printmaking as well as Fine Art as a profession.  Our goal is to add valuable knowledge and insight with regard to your Fine Art education.  We will provide visuals, abbreviated thoughts accompanied by short videos as well as commentary and updates on our Fine Art news and upcoming events. 

    Faculty, professionals and alumni may offer insights and occasional opinion.  We hope that you will gain some valuable and interesting information…but most of all, enjoy the blog!



    by Craig Nelson.  Director of Fine Art Painting

    I recently have run into alumni working in various venues and was a bit disheartened to see that they were not continuing to work on their art as much as they had hoped. 

    As students, we all have deadlines imposed upon us.  Believe it or not, this serves as a motivating factor.  We all have often wished for more time to produce higher quality work.   However, these deadlines are what motivate us and get us working.

    It is true that we all believe that the love of making art is enough for us to produce works of art.  While this may be true for some of us, for others, life may interfere.  A commitment to a deadline is necessary to motivate us to continue to produce art.

    Now as a student, deadlines are a constant.  But as a professional, it might be necessary to find a venue to impose a deadline.  It can be a gallery, an art festival, a small show at a local venue or an open studio.  I can honestly say that this can be the exact motivation needed to get back to work and re-discover the sheer joy of making art. 

    Go for it, now!