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    COM Success Stories: Where Are They Now?





    Connor Smith

    BA 2017


    Were are you working?


    I’m at Top Golf Media in San Francisco.


    What are a couple of the things you do for them?


    I shoot, edit and produce original video content for YouTube, social and web. I assist with the coordination of our video projects, i.e. booking talent, location, set props, post-production editing.


    What COM classes do you feel got you best prepared for this job?


    I'll never forget two of my first semester COM classes, COM 103 and 104 with Paul Colorado and Kyle Parker. They were the foundation for everything I've done since. 


    Long-term career goal?


    I hope to one day oversee the creative direction for a sports media company. 


    For those recent grads or current students looking for work, what advice could you give?


    In all honesty, if you're not doing internships before you graduate, you're creating a bigger challenge for yourself. Take advantage of every opportunity! I'd also say maintaining a professional looking website and updating your resume constantly. Subscribe to email notifications about jobs and act like applying for them is your full-time job.