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    COM Success Stories: Where Are They Now?


    Kristina Rosa

    Valedictorian, BA 2012

    SiriusXM Radio, Los Angeles, CA

    What is your title? Producer

    Tell us about classes which gave you the skills.

    The first class that Jan taught was very eye opening and really helped me start to brand myself. Also the class with Diane Fukami  (COM 200 + 210), Richard Hart's resume reel class (COM 495), and others!

    I really love how Jan, Steve, John Scott, Diane, Richard, and all the instructors helped prepare me for the industry.

    On Passion:

    Making media has been my passion since I was a child. I didn't realize it until I was attending another college, but I discovered it is what I am meant to do. The fast-pace was great, and I loved being able to create something and have it air on the web and television...and now satellite radio!

    The Academy helped launch my career and I am forever grateful.

    COM Success Stories: Where Are They Now?


    Shane Tidrick

    BA 2016

    What's the job?  Producer at ESPN

    What are you most excited about doing?

    Working on SportsCenter and helping ESPN turn the corner into the digital age.

    What COM courses got you prepared to do this? 

    The entry level Final Cut class as well as Dianne Fukami’s newsroom class (COM 200 + 210). The editing class taught me the basics I needed to know to be able to translate editing skills to any software (ESPN uses Quantel). The newsroom class was a pretty close representation of what life is like at most studios, so I was able to walk into the ESPN interview with the knowledge of how things work and what they expect out of each person in particular roles.


    Persistence is key. Ignore the nay-sayers, external and internal, and weather the storm.